Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use

The Terms and conditions mentioned herein gives the access to the user regarding the use of the Website, “Olympustrade.in”. In this context, User focuses to any person/individual who visits or else deals and/or transacts the Website and also avails the other services as mentioned below. When we access or else click on “I agree” to any of the services made available by Olympustrade, through Olympustrade, we have agreed to read, understand and accept all the Terms and Conditions in this Terms of Use.

As used herein :

“We”, “Us” and “Our” refers to the operators, Employees, Directors, Officers, Agents as well as Owners of the Website.

“Client”, “Customer”, “User”, “You” and “Your” refers to any resident of India above the age of 18.

“Party” refers to either You/Us and “Parties” refers to You and Us collectively depending on the context.

“Virtual Currency” focuses to Cryptocurrencies, that is, Digital Money, which is controlled by the Developers and is not limited only to Bitcoins, but the beyond.

Olympustrade.in gives the Limited Personal, Non Transferable, Non exclusive, revocable as well as the Non sub licensable right to access the Platform and the Services as per the Terms and Conditions.

User Registration : So that the customer could benefit the Services of the Website, you, need to create the Account and register yourself on that account. At the same time, we expect the Accuracy and Truthfulness of such information. However, you can also delete your Account anytime, for any reason by following the instructions provided on the Website. Please note that the information by you would be retained for compliance to the applicable Laws which would not be limited to the Prevention of the Money Laundering Act 2002, the Prevention of Money laundering (Maintenance of Records) Rules 2005. It is also subject to the various Guidelines/Policies, which have been issued by various Governmental Bodies/Regulatory Bodies in this regard.

  • As requested by the LLP, your Personal information might require the details of your Name, Address, Email address, Telephone number, Date of Birth, Photo, Government authorized identification Card like Passport, Pan Card and Passport, as required by the LLP.
  • In addition, the User’s Bank account details, such as the Name of the Bank, the Account type as well as the Account number is also required.
  • You need to confirm regarding the authenticity and accuracy of the information and also agree to update the information and keep it updated at all the times.
  • You need to confirm that the Website would not be used by you in any sort of illicit activities, violating any Law, Statute, Ordinance or else Regulation of any Jurisdiction. At the same time, it should not also be used for any illegal, unlawful or else any unethical purpose. We also expect that you would not be using the Website for any fraudulent activities which is not limited to Terrorist Financing or else Money Laundering., Illegal Gambling or else Malicious Hacking.
  • You need to assure that you always have a single Olympustrade.in account.
  • At the same time, you need to assure that you always retain only a single Olympustrade.in account.
  • You are responsible for maintaining the Security as well as the Confidentiality of your Account on our Website and we have the right to disable your Account at any time pertaining to the fact, in our reasonable opinions that you have failed to comply with the Provisions of the Terms of the Use including without Limitation applicable Laws.

User Wallet : On the activation of the Olympustrade.in account, the Virtual Currency Wallet would be provided. As a result, this wallet would allow you to buy or else sell the Virtual Currencies along with the separate Wallet for receiving or retaining the Virtual Currency. It needs to be noted that in case the Order/Transaction initiated by you contravenes with our Policy, we possess the right to refuse or else execute that specific order or Transaction which has been executed by you. At the same time, you are unpermitted to either receive or else store or else transfer any Virtual Currency which is not supported by the Platform of Olympustrade.in.

  • In case, there is any discrepancy or irregularity in the Transactions/Particulars of the Wallet, it needs to be informed to us in writing within 15 Days. At the same time, the information needs to be provided by any statement/Records which have been made available to you. In case, no information is provided from your end, it needs to be assumed that the Statements and Transactions are Cent percent correct.
  • There needs to be a thorough assurance from your end regarding the availability of sufficient Funds, before executing any Transaction.
  • Olympustrade.in holds the right to close or else suspend or else even block the Wallet and terminate all the amenities during the Working hours on a Working Day. Moreover, this would be happening on that specific day following the receipt of that specific intimation. Moreover, Olympustrade.in would not be liable for any sort of inconvenience caused to the Wallet holder in such a regard.
  • In such a circumstance, the User can opt to close down his/her Account and Wallet. Furthermore, the Account Holder could request for the Funds to be transferred back to the Bank account by dropping a Mail to contact@olympustrade.in
  • In case, the closure/restriction/suspension/termination of the use of any Wallet is required in par with Business or else Security reasons, then the Platform of Olympustrade.in would preferably proceed ahead with such a dire action, without any mandatory prior information.
  • Moreover, Transactions which are guessed to be of Fraudulent nature or else in case of any complaints from the Payment Gateways/ Regulatory Authorities/Concerned Banks, the User Wallet along with the amount present in the same at that point of time would be blocked immediately until the Enquiry is completed and further appropriate steps have been taken.
  • At the Day end, Olympustrade.in holds the right to block any User who has been suspected of making any Transaction, which is not in accordance with the applicable Law. At the same time, the User would also be blocked in case he is found guilty of misusing or else transacting fraudulently. Such types of suspicious activities would be reported immediately to the concerned Statutories/Police Department.

Limited Right Of Use

Unless mentioned specifically, the Designs, Graphic symbols, Content, Logo and Materials on the website of Olympustrade.in is the property of the direct Stakeholders involved in the same. These are also protected by the Trademark, Copyrights and the related applicable Laws. Our user might view such materials or else any single computer which is solely for their use. In addition, the Copyright and Proprietary notices also need to be kept intact. Furthermore, the Trademarks, Logos of Olympustrade as well as the Service Marks and other identifying parameters are solely the property of the stakeholders and their respective Licensors. It needs to be noted that the images, text, Graphics, Data, Trades, Prices, Charts and Graphs used on this website belong to the respective Stakeholders. We expect our users not to intend to scrap, collect, transmit, distribute, republish, modify, copy, reproduce, upload or else post the Trademarks as well as materials in any form or else by any means, whether that could happen manually or else automatically. It needs to be noted that the usage of any such type of material on any other Website or else Application or else a Networked Computer Environment for any type of Commercial or else Non commercial purposes would be strictly prohibited. Violation of the aforementioned could lead to Legal Civil action or else stringent Penalties.